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Our Company

Our Company

Sarbay Group Company was established in 2012. Management of our company office located in the financial center of Istanbul Maltepe collect different production center is located in Turkey. Our company, whose main field of activity is food and cosmetics, has 8 registered brands. Our company, which always aims at quality and price performance in its sectors, made a big difference to its competitors and documented its quality with 7 different awards. 2 years field on top of our brand export brand of the year award has been exporting all over the world to Turkey with the advanced study of the network. Sarbay Group, which includes more than 20 brands, continues to grow day by day.

Sarbay Foreign Trade Company, founded in 2012, is an innovative company that produces and exports. SARBAY acts as an intermediary between its export partners and customers and companies abroad.
In addition to being two sister companies, SGI PLASTİK and SARBAY were established at the same time in 2012, SGI specialized in the production of disposable plastic razors, blood stones, beard gels and cosmetics. SARBAY has specialized in foreign trade.
SARBAY has strengthened its brand image in the market with its high quality products that our country has offered to Europe, Middle East and Gulf countries in terms of export, and with its renewed image in the foreign market as Sarbay Foreign Trade, it is making an intense effort to increase its exports to many countries of the world, especially to African .
The aim of our company is to be a leader in its sector by producing high quality, easy to use, hygienic products that give confidence to the user and target production-based growth.

Our SARBAY Foreign Trade company, which continues its business life in the same body with SGI Plastik but on a different platform; It produces solutions that add value to its customers with the products it provides from the supplier chain in 4 continents of the world to its wide customer portfolio by evaluating the commercial opportunities depending on the market conjuncture. In all of our work, high-tech machinery, a staff of scientifically proven training programs and products of distinguished raw material manufacturers in the world are used. As Sarbay Foreign Trade company, we establish direct and indirect export connections in sectors such as cosmetics, shoes and textiles, food and machinery, and we mediate long-term commercial activities by bringing manufacturers and buyers together in line with the win-win principle. For this purpose, we strive to increase our market share with the leading brands of our country, as well as producing private label products.
Among our products, sunflower oil, flour, olive oil, dried fruits, nuts, biscuits, chocolate, fruit juice and instant drinks, diaper and hygiene products, textiles, shoes, industrial machinery and assembly, projects and investments in agriculture are at the forefront. comes out.
We promote and sell personal care and hygiene products, baby and adult diapers, wet wipes, toilet paper and napkins, shampoo and general cleaning products. It is possible to see general cosmetic and care products in our product portfolio in addition to the disposable razors that we produce in cosmetic brands.
Our company is open to project-based cooperation in production, sales or service areas and has always had a vision of cooperation and partnerships in all areas where our country has set targets in the field of export.
Our company has undertaken a business development mission in international markets with its existing foreign relations.
As SARBAY, our priority is; Our main goal is to protect the interests of our customers and to gain the trust of our customers, to always take care to provide better quality service to our customers, and to create effective and reliable teamwork. These goals are more valuable to us than all goals.

"Europa International A.Ş. was established in 2021, The main field of our company, whose management office is located in the financial center of Istanbul Ataşehir, Our main job are two sectors which is food and cosmetics. 
With its registered trademarks in the sectors"